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Why so much enthusiasm for back to school this year, you might ask? Especially given my recent retail experiences with the hell of back to school shopping?

To be honest, I don’t think I have been this excited for the first day of school since Kindergarten. In the past, back to school has always signaled to me the end of summer, and sitting still for hours on end each day, bored to tears. And last year, coming to college as a freshman was an entirely different experience. Don’t get me wrong, I had an awesome freshman year of college. I met so many new friends, took classes that really interested me, and became much more independent living away from home. But, it wasn’t always smooth sailing, and Freshman orientation was probably one of the most anxiety filled experiences of my life to date.

This year was different though I came to school already knowing lots of friends, knowing who my roommate would be, and feeling much more prepared for the year ahead in general. Plus, the fact that I have no classes on Fridays this semester doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Having successfully completed the first week of my Sophomore year, I felt the irrepressible need to blog about. In addition, I have been crafting up a storm this summer in preparation for my new room this year! And I am so excited about it! But before I say more, here are some pics of my new home for you all to feast your eyes on

My side of the room

And some close-ups!

The kitchen corner. We all know how important food is

Gotta have some color above the desk

Closet and jewelry organization


I am absolutely in love with my  room! Last year I researched for dorm decor like a fiend, but I found that I didn’t really like all that much of it. . . And I also realized that outfitting your room can get spendy fast. So, here is what I recommend/what I have done

1. Almost all of my wall decor was made by me 🙂 (you may recognize one of the pieces above my bed from this post )I picked up a variety of cheap frames from the dollar tree and places like Ross and Target, and hung them with command hooks.

2. Speaking of wall art, I had a variety. I not only framed fabric, but also used embroidery hoops to frame it. I think mixing frames and having a variety of shapes and sizes really helps me pull of that ordered chaos thing I tend to go for.

3. As you may have noticed, I didn’t go in with much of a color scheme. Last year I bought bedding that was reversible, so this year I used the flip side ( I highly recommend reversible!), which has a blue geometric pattern. This brought in some pattern and color for my bed, but also allowed me to bring in a variety of colors in my other decor.

4. I collected a lot of little postcards and things from places/events I went to last year, which are all on my bulletin board- memorabilia is always an easy way to personalize your room.

5. I am a huge fan of color since I go to school in Washington (can you say Rain?), but I think that no matter where you are, it is important to have at least a little color to brighten up your room.

6. One of my best brainstorms this year is featured in the last pic. My roomie and I had to rearrange every piece of furniture in our room to get it in a configuration we liked, so we used the bookshelf as a little entry table/storage space. We covered the top of the shelf with drawer liner adhesive from the dollar tree!

So here is what I recommend for everybody:

A college room is temporary; don’t spend a ton of money on things that you may not want by the next year or two

Make it personal; this is your home! It should reflect you and be comfortable!

Make it functional; again, this is your home, so you need to make it work for you, storage is key.

Lighting!!! So important! Most dorms use the same flourescent lights in dorm rooms. If you (like me) hate that, make sure to have a few lamps. My roomie and I also plan to pick up string lights closer to Christmas (and by closer to Christmas, you know I mean in like 1 month)

Well, that about wraps it up. Hope everyone had a good week! If you have already survived the first week of school, congrats! If not, good luck!





So I have been seeing a lot of washi-tape-decorated keyboards lately, such as the ones featured  here and here, and I was really liking the poppy, fun, dose of color this sticker-type tape provides your keyboard. Since I was not familiar to Washi tape before this, I googled it- so for those of you not in the now (like myself): Washi tape is a Japanese “paper tape”/masking tape that isn’t super sticky (a bit like painters tape) and therefore won’t leave a sticky residue on your keyboard.

Since I liked the keyboard makeover idea so much, I decided to try it out myself! You can order washi tape from Etsy, or even Amazon, but since I’m the kind of girl who really goes for instant gratification, I hit up my local Michael’s craft store on the off-chance that I could find some of this magical tape. Lo and behold, they had some stationary/scrapbooking tape that was very similar to washi tape (it is called K&C Company Smash tape). While you can buy various different patterns of tape, the roll I found had various patterns all in one roll, so I just bought the one roll – all 3ft of it- for about $2.

Once I got home, I got to work. There might be a better way of going about this, but I just eye-balled it and trimmed the tape to fit the keys. Because my laptop has black keys with white letters, some of the keys were harder to see under certain patterns. So, I traced over the letters with a thin tip sharpie after I had finished applying the tape.

It took me about an hour and a half to get this far with my keyboard makeover:

I’m not just being lazy here, but I kind of like leaving some of the keys unadorned. . . I could still cover all the other keys (still have plenty of tape), but I’m really liking it this way. So, what do you think? Should I cover all keys completely, or leave it as is?

Whichever way I decide to go, I love opening up my laptop and smiling at the new pop of colors and patterns that greets me 🙂

Well, I’m finally getting around to posting part two of my recent craft day!

The second part of my craft day extravaganza had to do with printing. What I did is sort of like really cheap, very amateur block printing, but it is fun, easy, and creates some fun art!

So, here is what you will need:


A pencil

Craft paint

Paint brushes



First, draw your scene in pencil on the styrofoam. The styrofoam should be soft enough that you shouldn’t have to press too hard to make a depression.

Next, paint the styrofoam. Place the paper on top of the foam, and press (with either your hands, or a rolling-pin).

I made two different prints. The first was a bit more complicated, since it is larger and I used multiple colors of paint, while the second is smaller and is in only one color.

Here is the second one:


A fun, quick project, and I got some cheap art to frame and put on my wall 🙂 I’m not much of an artist so I imagine if someone truly artistic were to try this, it would turn out even better!

Hi all!

On my recent day off work, I finally got around to tackling a few pinterest inspired craft projects, yay!

So, because I have to leave for work soon, but wanted to post at least part of my recent craftiness, I decided to break it up into two parts. Part two will be coming soon. . . like tomorrow.

But now for part 1! So, I saw a pin of a sharpie decorated mug from here, and decided to do my own sharpie mug. As I am a huge(!!!) fan of Jane Austen, and had been eyeing a Jane Austen mug, I decided I could easily make my own!

I hit up dollar tree for a couple of $1 mugs, and then used some sharpie’s that I already had at home. I’m thinkin if you wanted a different shape or style of mug you could always do a little thrifting and go to goodwill or another second-hand store to give your own mug a little more flair 🙂

On one side of my mug, I have “I’d rather be reading Jane Austen”

Then around the rest of the mug, I wrote some of my favorite quotes from Pride and Prejudice and Emma.

After decorating the mug, I put it into the oven at 350 F for 30 minutes to make the sharpie permanent.

My mug might not be perfect, but it is personal, and I love it! I had originally bought a few mugs in case I messed mine up, but the beauty of this project is that if you make a mistake (before you have put it into the oven) you can wipe it off with a little water and a paper towel 🙂

To sum up:

Materials: White ceramic mug, sharpies

Cost: $1 (thanks to the dollar tree)

Time: about 20 minutes to decorate, 30 mins to bake


So, if you are just yearning for that perfect mug for your coffee or tea, maybe you will be inspired to create your own!