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When you read books very quickly and at high volumes like I tend to do (especially during the summer when I have no required reading), the library quickly becomes your best friend. My favorite method of approaching a trip to the library is to go in having absolutely no idea what kind of book I am looking for. While other people might have a list of recommended reads at the ready, I prefer to browse, and pick up books that either have titles or cover art that intrigues me. Though this process can be rather time-consuming, I have found many gems by looking for books this way.

On my recent trip to the library (the first of the summer!) I came away with 7 books. Most were ok, one was not good at all, but my favorite from this latest batch of books is by Laura Dave, and is called London is the Best City in America. It was the title of this one that intrigued me.

The book takes place over one weekend. Now usually, I don’t like books that take place over a limited period of time, since I often feel like I don’t really get to know the characters that way. However, Dave did this in such a way that in just one weekend I really felt like I knew the most important characters. So much happens in those 72 hours, both in the present and through recalling memories, that at the end of the book, I remembered that all of this had happened in just one weekend, because I had honestly forgotten.

The main character and narrator, Emmy Everett, a young 20 something, is stuck in a rut in a podunk town in Rhode Island, making a documentary about fisherman’s wives that isn’t really going anywhere. After leaving her still sleeping fiance in a motel room in Rhode Island a few years earlier, Emmy’s life has been kept in a sort of limbo, unsure whether to keep waiting for her fiance to come back to her, or to move on with her life. At the time the novel unfolds, Emmy is heading home to upstate New York for the weekend for her older brother’s wedding. Throughout the weekend, Emmy is faced not only with the shocking news that her brother has been seeing another woman and isn’t sure about the wedding, but the parallels between her own relationship with her fiance and her brother’s current predicament collide over the next 72 hours, forcing Emmy to finally make a decision about how she wants to proceed with her life.

This book was not only very enjoyable, but it was also unpredictable and refreshing. If you have the time, it is most definitely worth reading!

Happy Reading!