I realized that I haven’t had an Portland area activity geared post in a while, so here goes.

This year, I spent New Years with the fam, skiing at Mt. Hood! It was a beautiful blue bird day, and the snow was pretty good.



The next day, after visiting my aunt in the Columbia Gorge, we hit up the Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River. Though I had driven past this historic landmark multiple times in the past, I had never actually been inside. Despite the freezing temps, we got out of the car to walk the grounds of the hotel, which were absolutely beautiful! The views are likewise very pretty, as you can see across the river to Washington as well as a view down the gorge.

I spy Washington!

I spy Washington!

The hotel itself sits atop a small waterfall:


And the grounds feature multiple bridges crisscrossing the stream that feeds the waterfall:




Not only are the views beautiful, the food was good too!

For those of you in Portland suffering from the January blahs, the Columbia Gorge Hotel is just 60 miles from Portland on I-84, and tied in with a visit to the adorable town of Hood River can be a welcome mini road trip to get out of your normal routine!