After my last day of work yesterday (HALLELUJAH), it’s time to to get packing for school. I gave myself two days to pack up before moving back in on Saturday, with classes starting Monday. I think I may have underestimated just how much crap I have. . . But, according to all the Facebook posts I’ve been seeing lately, I am not alone in my packing dilemmas.

Despite my struggles, I’m now on track to leave and almost all packed up. As a result of all this, I have created a NO FAIL PACKING PROGRAM! for all of you who struggle with packing for a move, or even just for a vacation. By following my multi-step program, you can have a successful packing experience too!

Here it goes:

Step 1. Make a conservative list of all the things you will need to pack

Step 2. Guestimate how much space you will need and get out those suitcases/boxes

Step 3. Do a ton of laundry so that the clothes you pack are actually clean

Step 4. Pack all of the items on your list

Step 5. Reevaluate your list, and add as many additional items as desired

Step 6. Decide you just need one more box/suitcase

Step 7. Fill up said box or suitcase

Step 8. Start getting paranoid. Pack for all the random situations you know are probably unlikely, but still possible

Step 9. Realize you have no clothes left to wear. Pull out a few. Put in a few more.

Step 10. Take a little break, maybe have snack. Put on some music to motivate you to finish packing.

Step 11. Sit on suitcases/boxes in order to close them. Duck tape is always handy during this step.

Step 12. Crap. Don’t have Duck tape. Make a run to Target. Get distracted by all the awesomeness Target has to offer. Buy some random things that you don’t really need.

Step 13. Cram in that extra stuff, and use that handy dandy duck tape you just got to seal up all your packing containers.

TADA! You are done! I have personal proof that this is by far the MOST effective packing method.