Working in retail this summer, I have learned that although there are many nice, polite people out there, but there are also countless obnoxiously rude people.

Some are just in a bad mood, but others are simply oblivious.

With the back to school frenzy, things tend to only get worse. Though retail employees are there to help and provide you with customer service to improve your shopping experience, they are not there to be personal doormats.

So, I am writing this post to educate you all on the appropriate behavior to exhibit as a customer.

Here are some tips to shop by:

1. Set a budget before you go in the store, especially if you plan to do a lot of shopping (back to school, christmas, etc). As a retail employee, I get really uncomfortable when customers haggle, or bitterly complain about how much things cost. I don’t set the prices people!

2. If you are shopping with your kids, please refrain from yelling at them  and/or arguing with them while at checkout.

3. Most asked question this month: Is it always this busy? I realize that customers may not know this, but I can assure you, if you are shopping during a particularly busy time of year (again, back to school, christmas) THERE WILL BE OTHER CUSTOMERS AROUND GUYS. And, as much as this is beyond your control, your attitude most definitely within your control.

4. When you get to the register, it is very helpful if you DO NOT dump out everything you are purchasing on the counter and spread it out so it takes up the entire space, especially if you are buying a large quantity of merchandise. A little patience, people. We will be more organized and less likely to make a mistake as we ring you up if you load up our counter as we go.

By keeping these simple rules in mind, you will make the jobs of people like myself so much easier, and help us to make our days a little bit smoother!