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I’m super excited to be going on vacation tomorrow! I had hoped to fit in one more post before heading off to Hawaii (!!!!!!!) but that will have to wait until I get home. Between working everyday up until leaving and packing and cleaning house before leaving, time has absolutely flown by!

Gotta get up at the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow, but I cannot wait to hit the beach when I get there!

I will be leaving my laptop at home while I’m gone (I think I need a break from the interwebs for a bit), but you can look forward to at least 2 picture filled posts on my vacation when I get home!


So, I was not planning on writing a post today, but after watching Friends With Kids last night, I decided I needed to review it.

Let me start out by saying this: the plot of Friends With Kids is not unpredictable ( I like those double negatives, get used to it), yet still managed to surprise me, which can be somewhat hard to do.

From left to right: Leslie, Alex, Missy, Ben, Jason, and Julie

The movie centers around a group of 6 friends from college: Jason (Adam Scott), Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt), Ben (Jon Hamm), Missy (Kristen Wiig), Leslie (Maya Rudolph), and Alex (Chris O’Dowd). Ben and Missy are a couple, as are Leslie and Alex, leaving Jason and Julie the only two of the group who have not found “their people.”

As the friends chug on through their thirties, everyone starts poppin out kids, and Jason and Julie seem to be the last ones standing. Starting to sound familiar? Everything comes to a head at Jason’s Birthday, when the two step through Alex and Leslie’s door and into the hell that is sleep deprived parents endlessly nagging each other. And the fun continues when Missy and and Ben arrive with their newborn, also fighting, though in a more passive aggressive sort of way.

After the birthday disaster, Jason and Julie discuss the pros and cons of having kids, debating whether it is the kid who ruins romantic relationship or if it is the whole “set up.” Jason pretty much sums up what Julie wants when he says, “So you want to be already divorced, with a kid, so you can meet the man of your dreams?” Confusing? YES

Of course, the obvious conclusion in this discussion is to have a kid with your best friend, split responsibility down the middle, so that they will each already have their kid, and can then be free to find, “their person.”

After a verrrrry awkward hook up between Jason and Julie (spoiler: porn and alcohol is involved to get in that baby-making mood), Julie pops a baby out, and the two embark on the experiment of raising their child as friends while they see other people.

While I originally rolled my eyes at the plot of this movie, I actually genuinely liked it. First of all, this movie gets brownie points for the cast! Kristen Wiig? Maya Rudolph? Jon Hamm? Secondly, this movie didn’t fall into that rom-com pit of a poppy, shiny, Hollywood-ized mess. This movie felt kind of warm and homey, partially because of the dynamic between the group of friends, and partly because of the dynamic between Jason and Julie. In their early days of baby-bliss, they act a little bit like a couple on a honeymoon, yet they do it so subtly that it comes off as believable, rather than corny, and the looks on their friends faces are priceless when they see these two together for the first time after the hospital.

Then Meghan Fox starts dating Jason, and everything goes to shit. Of course. I won’t spoil the ending, but there was a point when there was about 2 minutes left, and I was like, people you need to resolve this NOW! Because I was really rooting for this couple, and there was a good stretch of time when I was freaking out that they were NEVER GETTING TOGETHER.

As a 19-year-old, I admit that I know next to nothing about the toll kids can take on a romantic relationship from an adult point of view, BUT I have witnessed the strain between parents from the kids point of view, and this movie managed to explore this rocky, fragile balance in a  relatable way, without being cheesy or overdone.

Overall, Friends With Kids = a movie worth seeing!

So I have been seeing a lot of washi-tape-decorated keyboards lately, such as the ones featured  here and here, and I was really liking the poppy, fun, dose of color this sticker-type tape provides your keyboard. Since I was not familiar to Washi tape before this, I googled it- so for those of you not in the now (like myself): Washi tape is a Japanese “paper tape”/masking tape that isn’t super sticky (a bit like painters tape) and therefore won’t leave a sticky residue on your keyboard.

Since I liked the keyboard makeover idea so much, I decided to try it out myself! You can order washi tape from Etsy, or even Amazon, but since I’m the kind of girl who really goes for instant gratification, I hit up my local Michael’s craft store on the off-chance that I could find some of this magical tape. Lo and behold, they had some stationary/scrapbooking tape that was very similar to washi tape (it is called K&C Company Smash tape). While you can buy various different patterns of tape, the roll I found had various patterns all in one roll, so I just bought the one roll – all 3ft of it- for about $2.

Once I got home, I got to work. There might be a better way of going about this, but I just eye-balled it and trimmed the tape to fit the keys. Because my laptop has black keys with white letters, some of the keys were harder to see under certain patterns. So, I traced over the letters with a thin tip sharpie after I had finished applying the tape.

It took me about an hour and a half to get this far with my keyboard makeover:

I’m not just being lazy here, but I kind of like leaving some of the keys unadorned. . . I could still cover all the other keys (still have plenty of tape), but I’m really liking it this way. So, what do you think? Should I cover all keys completely, or leave it as is?

Whichever way I decide to go, I love opening up my laptop and smiling at the new pop of colors and patterns that greets me 🙂

I know it’s been awhile! I have been working pretty long days, and keep meaning to write, but, ya know that’s life. The things that don’t have to get done get pushed to the side *sigh*

Anyway. As a side effect of working as much as I have been, I strive to make every day off count! While trolling the internet for some fun (and free!) ideas of things to do in Portland, I stumbled across this. It’s Hamlet staged in a cemetery guys!!!! I know this is not everybody’s kind of thing, but I got super excited about it, texted my friend, hit up Chipotle for a dinner to go, and we headed to the Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery for a performance of Hamlet!

I was initially a little worried about sitting on someone’s grave, but because of where it was staged in the cemetery, we were just sitting on a lawn. The performance was absolutely great! And free(although donations are appreciated). I was really surprised with the quality of the performance, the costumes, etc. The whole thing blew me away and I am so glad I took the opportunity to go!

Unfortunately my timing is terrible, because the last Cemetery performance was last night (oops!), but if you are in the Portland area and looking for some quality Shakespeare, you can still see the Portland Actors Ensemble perform Hamlet at the Portland Outdoor Shakespeare Festival, July 21st at 7pm! Also here.

And, guess what?! From July 21st through September 3rd, you can see the Ensemble performing Twelfth Night, or What you Will, at various outdoor locations in and around Portland! Info for that is also here.

After seeing their performance of Hamlet, I will definitely try to make it to Twelfth Night.

The pictures I have of the performance are not very good (no flash allowed), but here they are, for your viewing pleasure:

For those of you in the Portland area, I highly recommend taking in one of these performances! And for those of you elsewhere, look into similar outdoor performances in your area! Free, fun, and so so worth it!

Well, I’m finally getting around to posting part two of my recent craft day!

The second part of my craft day extravaganza had to do with printing. What I did is sort of like really cheap, very amateur block printing, but it is fun, easy, and creates some fun art!

So, here is what you will need:


A pencil

Craft paint

Paint brushes



First, draw your scene in pencil on the styrofoam. The styrofoam should be soft enough that you shouldn’t have to press too hard to make a depression.

Next, paint the styrofoam. Place the paper on top of the foam, and press (with either your hands, or a rolling-pin).

I made two different prints. The first was a bit more complicated, since it is larger and I used multiple colors of paint, while the second is smaller and is in only one color.

Here is the second one:


A fun, quick project, and I got some cheap art to frame and put on my wall 🙂 I’m not much of an artist so I imagine if someone truly artistic were to try this, it would turn out even better!

Hi all,

So, I have been a little delayed in posting Craftastic Part 2 (but it is coming, I promise!) because I have been enjoying my time off work so very much.

We say in Portland that it’s not summer until the 4th of July. This definitely rang true this year– after a good month and a half of rainy, overcast weather, I woke up on the fourth of July to sun streaming through the window, and the meteorologist on tv promising temperatures in the 80’s! Finally! . . . And then I went to work. Sigh.

Yes, working in retail, I was supposed to work from morning until evening on the fourth of July. I was more than a little bummed that I would be cooped up inside all day, on the first nice day in ages, and not really doing anything anyway since no one would be in the store on such a beautiful day. But, I made the most of it and tried to keep busy doing my job. Brownie points for me! I showed such enthusiasm to get stuff done my manager rewarded me by letting me leave at 2!

Woo hoo! So, I went on a bike ride with the fam in the afternoon and then came home to prepare the picnic. The 4th is usually pretty low-key for my family, and with my brother gallivanting about the UK this summer, was seeming even more lackluster. So I decided I actually wanted to do something this year. After scanning the internet for ideas, I decided on watching fireworks from Council Crest.

For those of you who have never been (or never been to Portland for that matter), Council Crest is the highest point in Portland (i.e. a HUGE hill). Apparently it used to be an amusement park at the turn of the century, but now it is just a nice park with some trails and a beautiful view of the city and on into Washington from one side of the hill, and on the other, a view out into the metro area (Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, etc).

The circular patio at the top of Council Crest

View of Portland metro area

A really bad pic of fireworks

So,  we packed up a picnic, and headed up to Council Crest. Be warned: it is winding and pretty confusing, so bring a map/google directions/your gps if you are unfamiliar with the area and want to go check it out. Once there, we spread out our blanket and dug in. The fireworks show on the waterfront started at 10, but the view as the sun set was gorgeous, and we got to see tons of fireworks going off across Portland and across the river in Washington.

The main event, the waterfront show, was absolutely beautiful! I am so glad we went up to Council Crest instead of going to the waterfront. I’m not a fan of huge crowds or super loud noises, so it worked perfectly for us, and we had a great view of the show from our spot on the lawn.

Now that I have been, I would definitely recommend it! A great way to spend the fourth, or even to just enjoy a picnic and sunset on a clear summer day!

Hope everyone had a great 4th as well, however you chose to spend it!

Hi all!

On my recent day off work, I finally got around to tackling a few pinterest inspired craft projects, yay!

So, because I have to leave for work soon, but wanted to post at least part of my recent craftiness, I decided to break it up into two parts. Part two will be coming soon. . . like tomorrow.

But now for part 1! So, I saw a pin of a sharpie decorated mug from here, and decided to do my own sharpie mug. As I am a huge(!!!) fan of Jane Austen, and had been eyeing a Jane Austen mug, I decided I could easily make my own!

I hit up dollar tree for a couple of $1 mugs, and then used some sharpie’s that I already had at home. I’m thinkin if you wanted a different shape or style of mug you could always do a little thrifting and go to goodwill or another second-hand store to give your own mug a little more flair 🙂

On one side of my mug, I have “I’d rather be reading Jane Austen”

Then around the rest of the mug, I wrote some of my favorite quotes from Pride and Prejudice and Emma.

After decorating the mug, I put it into the oven at 350 F for 30 minutes to make the sharpie permanent.

My mug might not be perfect, but it is personal, and I love it! I had originally bought a few mugs in case I messed mine up, but the beauty of this project is that if you make a mistake (before you have put it into the oven) you can wipe it off with a little water and a paper towel 🙂

To sum up:

Materials: White ceramic mug, sharpies

Cost: $1 (thanks to the dollar tree)

Time: about 20 minutes to decorate, 30 mins to bake


So, if you are just yearning for that perfect mug for your coffee or tea, maybe you will be inspired to create your own!