So guys. Have you heard of One Direction yet? It seems nearly impossible since their hit song, “What Makes You Beautiful” plays every time I turn on the radio. The song, catchy and fast-paced played at nearly every event in the last two months while I was at school, and now seems to have become a summer anthem.

Much as I love singing the song at the top of my lungs with my friends while we dance around our dorm room, I saw something the other day that had taken it a little too far. I believe it was on the Today show (though it might have been some other morning show. . . can’t be sure, hadn’t had coffee yet), that I saw an interview with the pop-y boy band, complete with carefully coiffed hair (on the part of the boys) and a live audience of screaming 12-13 year old girls in the background, in a frenzied, adolescent hysteria.

Now, this in itself was not that surprising. It’s like a boy band of Justin Bieber- what young girl could possibly resist that. What shocked me about the interview was the comparison made between One Direction, and The Beatles. The Beatles?!?! Really? For me, One Direction is a lot more like the N’Sync or Backstreet Boys of the 20teens, but not, at all, the second coming of The Beatles. Granted, both bands were made up of young men, and both bands are British, touring in the US to the sounds of screaming young girls, but is that really enough to begin to compare the two?

Personally, I think not so much. Does this mean I will stop singing along to “What Makes you Beautiful”? Of course not! The song is still a very catchy, pop-y song, enjoying it’s fifteen minutes, and I intend to enjoy it too (along with “Call Me Maybe”- both of which were the ridiculously popular songs at my college this spring).

So, decide for yourself: Is One Direction The Beatles, or N’Sync?