I decided to devote this, my second post ever, to the subject of guilty pleasures in honor of the summer premiere of the abc family show Pretty Little Liars. I entirely blame my roommate from last year for getting me hooked on this show!

For those of you who do not indulge in ridiculous high drama teenage tv shows, Pretty Little Liars is about four girls whose friend, Allison, was missing for a year before her body was found. After the police discover Alli’s body, the girls receive creepy texts and other freaky messages and threats from someone called “A.” In last season’s finale we learned “A” was another friend of the girls -Mona. That’s it, show’s over, one would think. Ha! No it is not over because “A” is not one person but a group of people!

Pretty Little Liars receive a text from A (note the look of shock on their faces- this happens often)

This show, although ridiculous, is also alarmingly addicting. If memory serves, I believe that in last season’s finale they actually had a hashtag at the bottom of the screen declaring “ezriagoespublic” referring to two characters, Aria and Ezra,who had been secretly dating due to the fact that he was her teacher and she was like 16. See what I mean? Guilty pleasure all the way. Why I spend an hour each week of my life to watch the drama go down, I can’t quite put my finger on. . . However, since I am *trying* to be at least a little bit healthy this summer, I decided I would turn my guilty pleasure tv show into a positive, healthy hour.

My plan is to model this on the “Harry Potter Workout.” If you do not know what this is, google it! Now! The concept is actually a bit like a drinking game, except with different workout activities rather than an alcoholic beverage. Ok, so having familiarized yourself with the Harry Potter version, Behold! I give you the Pretty Little Liars Workout:

Everytime. . .

Someone receives a text from “A”——————-10 jumping jacks

Anyone mentions a secret, lie, or the act of lying——— 15 crunches

*Serious* looks are exchanged——————- 10 lunges

A look of shock!———————————- 10 crunches

One of the girls shares a “moment” with her guy——– 5 push-ups

“A” is said aloud—————————————— 10 squats

A male character takes his shirt off——————– 10 bicycles

This is from my first brainstorm, and I very well might add to this list after watching tonight’s episode. So what I’m thinking, is if I do this workout while I watch the show, the ice cream I plan to eat during commercials gets canceled out, right? : )

For all my fellow “A” followers, I challenge you to the Pretty Little Liars Workout! For those of you who have other guilty pleasure tv shows (Jersey Shore perhaps?) I challenge you to come up with your own show/ movie themed workout!

Happy Tuesday!