Well. . . here I am. Blogging. I must admit that I feel a little bit like I am talking to myself in an empty room and hearing my own voice echoing as it bounces off the walls, since at this point I am fairly confident that the only person who will be reading this is my mom. But what the heck. Here goes nothing.

I have thought about starting a blog for a while now, but it seemed (and still does seem) more than a little intimidating. I’m not sure why that is- last night when I told my dad I wanted to start a blog, he was like “anyone can start a blog.” And I found myself thinking, “Exactly”. Why not just do it? If anyone else can blog, why can’t I? So, I guess the main thing that was holding me back was myself. I have found in my short 19 years that I often have a list in my mind of all of the things I am going to do. Future tense. But why not just do some of those things today? So, to answer the question that must accompany any first blog post, I guess one of the reasons I am starting this blog is because, why not? Carpe diem and all of that.

Now, as to what I want this blog to be, that is kind of undetermined at the moment. I know it is pretty humble ( a technologically inclined individual is something I am definitely not!), but I am hoping that this blog will reflect my own interests which include:



Gettin crafty 🙂



. . . And probably many other things that I can’t think of right at this moment. Oh, and I should probably mention that I am a double major, one of which is English. So, kind of as a by product of my love of reading, I also like to write, which is of course another reason to be writing a blog.

As for the name. . . it came from wordoid? But really,  a little more thought went into then that. I like the idea of something I could write (even this itty bitty baby blog) as being “noteworthy.” A little corny? Don’t I know it! But don’t we all need a little bit of that in our lives? I vote yes 🙂

Oh! And one other thing before I officially finish my first blog post- although some of my favorite blogs to read are written by bloggers who are much older than me, it is really nice to come across an interesting, funny blog that is written by someone I can relate to, someone who is closer to my own age. That being said, I hope that this blog will find its way to readers like myself, who are looking for something to read that reflects where they are in life, and that will be relatable as well as entertaining.

I think that this was a wordy enough post start to this blog with, so I will sign off. And to whoever out there who might be reading this, wish me luck!